Sunday, October 3, 2010

My magazine rack design

Magazine rack on my desk
untitled album 4 - 6
untitled album 4 - 1
Front view
Top view
Top view
untitled album 4 - 7

Side view
Side view

I have finally finished my full scale magazine prototype which will be handed in tomorrow as part of my Object Desing class at uni. I wanted to design a mag rack as I have a subscription to Frankie magazine but had no where to store them. For this assessment, we were required to design a functional household item using predominately up-cycled materials. I found those green mats in an Op Shop for $2. Bargain!! Nobody in the shop seem to know what they were actually used for, so I though they would be great to incorporate into my design. My Dad kindly helped me build the wooded frame out of scrap wood pieces from the hardware shop and the curvy rods that feature at the top and bottom of the rack were cut individually from an old wine rack which I also purchased from the op shop. I am very happy with how it all came together.. and I now have somewhere to store my favorite magazine on my study table :) YAY!!! oh and I Love FRANKIE..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chess Game - Documentary photography-

chess bord
old man

Here are some B&W photos I took for a photography assignment at Uni. The theme for the assignment was "View of the Slave, View of the master"- Looking at power relations within photographs. While in the city, I came across this intense and visually stimulating game of chess being played in Hyde Park, right outside St James station. The game was drawing in lots of people who were passing by and couldn't help but watch the game unfold. ( including me) I was intrigued by the various people watching, there eyes seemed transfixed on the chess pieces as they slowly moved around on the bored. They were oblivious to the fact that they each were becoming slaves to the game.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cardboard Chair Maquettes

Cardboard chair design
Cardboard chair design
Cardboard chair design
Chair Design2
Chair Design2
Chair Design2

These two chair maquettes were developed as part of a project for my Object Design class at University. The project involves working with one other student to design a functional chair that can support the weight of one or more persons. The chair must be constructed using recycled cardboard. Firstly we sketched out a few concepts/designs then created the marquettes, experimenting with the cardboard in order to determine which design would work best. I really like the look of the corrugated cardboard. We are in the process of constructing the full scale chair and I will post some pictures when Its finally completed :-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

A snail in the rain..

Snail Shell
Snail trail

I woke up today to notice that it had been raining all night so I decided to take a few quick photos before Uni. I came across this little fellow making his slow journey across a wet leaf.. What a tiny but beautiful creature.. I hope I don't step on him later today. I hate that feeling of a crushed snail under your shoe :(

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A lovely winter afternoon

Winter BlossomLouieLouie

Fish Frenzy

Today was a perfect winters day and although I had to work, I did enjoy the afternoon taking a few quick photos. I love all the Cherry Blossom trees in my street that bloom during Winter.. They are so pretty!! My cat, Louie was also enjoying the afternoon sun, as he rolled around on my back step, lapping up the heat.. I love his big green eyes and beautiful strips!
The black cat, Sootie belongs to my best friend Jenna who lives one door up from me and the lovely fish that were enjoying their afternoon snack also live at her house :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yummo :)

BLT Turkish
BLT Turkish

I made this delicious lunch today.. My very own BLT Turkish bread with mushrooms and egg. It was extremely yummy!! I just had to take a photo of it with my Canon 400D that Im borrowing from uni. I love this camera, and I can't wait to buy my own soon. I finally got my tax return back the other day, so I will be putting some of it towards a brand spanking new SLR... Will let you know when I get it.. :-)

Red and White Ribbons

Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon
White Ribbon Card

I love wrapping and giving presents, Its a great feeling to choose the paper, the colourful ribbons and to spend time making a present that little extra special. I think presents are more memorable when they reflect a little creativity and love.. Today I wrapped up this very cute gift for a friends baby shower. She is keeping the sex of the baby a surprise so I wanted to stay away form blues and pinks. I decided to wrap the present in some lovely silver stripped paper and added some nice white and red ribbon.. I also made a card to match... I hope she likes it :)
Oh!! by the way this is my very first blog post.. I am very excited to be starting this blog, which will be filled with all things creative and lovely. I have been totally amazed and inspired by some very creative blogs recently and wanted to start my own.. I Hope you enjoy reading it :-)